Advanced Technology

When operator, process or environmental safety is at risk, you should not have to rely on out-dated airflow monitoring technology. With an AirClean® Systems product, you know you’re protected by cutting-edge innovation. AirClean® Systems unique microprocessor controls monitor airflow and provide user-friendly operation of each AirClean® Systems ductless product.

The AirSafe™ automatic safety controller has a built in variable airflow volume control that will monitor airflow and provide an instantaneous visual indication of face velocity on the liquid crystal display. Let the AirSafe™ automatic safety controller monitor airflow accurately instead of trusting other mechanical means.

Since 1992, AirClean® Systems has devoted many resources in the development of filtration to keep pace with ever-changing market requirements. AirClean® Systems is the first ductless hood manufacturer to utilize bonded carbon filtration, minimizing the potential hazard posed by carbon filter dust.

  • AirMax Safety Controller

    AirMax™ Safety Controller

    • Constant airflow monitoring
    • Audible and visible airflow alarms
    • Scrubber and spray bar controls
    • AUX 110V/220V control
  • Carbon Filters

    Bonded Carbon Filtration

    • Even distribution of carbon
    • Application layering options
    • No filter dust
    • Clean and easy filter change out

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