AC710C Type A Ductless Balance Enclosure

AC710C Type A Ductless Balance Enclosure

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PowderSafe™ Type A Enclosure

AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ Type A enclosures provide an effective and safe environment when using powder weighing equipment in conjunction with toxic compounds or chemicals. SafeChange™ technology minimizes the threat of exposure to toxic powders during pre-filter replacement. The electrostatically charged pre-filter is easily bagged out under negative pressure.


  • AirSafe™ automatic safety controller
  • SafeChange™ technology
  • Electrical cord access ports
  • Solid 3/8″ polypropylene base
  • Tested with 3 and 4 place balances
  • Leak tested and certified before shipment
  • 24″, 32″ and 48″ widths
  • Quiet operation<49db
  • 360 degree visibility
  • Compact ergonomic design takes up less space than similar enclosures
  • Optional carbon filtration

The AirSafe™ automatic safety controller, standard on all Type A enclosures, constantly monitors airflow and filter conditions. The controller allows the operator to set desired face velocity thus minimizing airflow disturbance and maximizing operator protection.

Independently tested and validated for containment of particulate.

How the PowderSafe™ Type A Works

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Product # External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Width Height Depth Width Height Depth
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AC710C 32″ 30″ 24″ 31″ 19″ 23″
AC710CT 32″ 40″ 24″ 31″ 26″ 23″
AC710CTS 32″ 40″ 25″ 31″ 29″ 23″
AC720C 48″ 30″ 24″ 47″ 19″ 23″
AC720CT 48″ 41″ 24″ 47″ 26″ 23″
AC720CTS 48″ 42″ 25″ 47″ 29″ 23″
Triangle Certification

Triangle Certification* ( has been contracted by AirClean® Systems to independently test and verify for operator protection PowderSafe™ Type A enclosure. Test results are available upon request.

*The above company's registered trade name is provided for information purposes only. Endorsement of this company's products by AirClean® Systems is neither given nor implied.

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  • How the PowderSafe Type A Works

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