PowderSafe Type B - Ductless Balance Enclosure

AC730C Type B Ductless Balance Enclosure

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PowderSafe™ Type B Enclosure

AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ Type B enclosures usher in a new era of powder weighing and containment technology. Precise airflow control is achieved with the AirSafe™ automatic safety controller. AirSafe™ allows the operator to set the desired face velocity and then automatically maintains that setting. HEPASafe™ filter change technology provides a safe and effective means for replacement of both the pre-filter and primary HEPA filter.


  • Variable airflow volume - AirSafe™ automatic safety controller
  • High mass - solid polypropylene construction
  • Effectively weigh to 7 decimal places
  • Electrical cord access ports
  • Continuous HEPA filter monitoring
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • Real Time airflow display on LCD
  • Portable
  • Optional sturdy mobile cart
  • Fluorescent light - one touch operation
  • Available in 32″ and 48″ widths
  • Modular electronics for easy service
  • No installation cost

AirClean® Systems HEPASafe™ filter change technology allows for safe and easy change of all contaminated filters, while under negative pressure. A permanent HEPA filter protects the operator during primary HEPA filter change out. If the primary HEPA filter should ever be compromised, it would also act as a permanent “nondisturbed” backup safety filter. The pre-filter and primary HEPA filter are simply bagged out within the enclosure.

Independently tested and validated for containment of particulate.

How the PowderSafe™ Type B Works

AirSafe automatic safety controller

AirSafe™ automatic safety controller

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Product # External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Width Height Depth Width Height Depth
AC730C 32″ 33″ 30″ 31″ 18″ 21″
AC740C 48″ 33″ 30″ 47″ 18″ 22″
SafeBridge + Triangle Certification

These companies (www.safebridge.com* & www.trianglecert.com*) have been contracted by AirClean® Systems to independently test and verify for operator protection PowderSafe™ Type B enclosure. Test results are available upon request.

*The above company's registered trade name is provided for information purposes only. Endorsement of this company's products by AirClean® Systems is neither given nor implied.

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  • PowderSafe Type B - Ductless Balance Enclosure
  • How the PowderSafe Type B Works

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