The Gilson 215 SW liquid handling enclosure provides containment of toxic chemical fumes and vapors.

The Gilson 215 SW liquid handling enclosure provides containment of toxic chemical fumes and vapors.

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Ductless Robotic Enclosure

AirClean® Systems Robotic Safety enclosures are designed to protect either the process or the operator from fumes, vapors, or particulate. Robotic enclosures designed to protect the operator utilize the AirSafe™ automatic safety controller technology. For those enclosures designed to provide process protection only, the UVTect™ microprocessor controller is incorporated.

Since 1992, AirClean Systems® has provided quality HEPA containment systems to the law enforcement market. From small municipal agencies to large federal bureaus, AirClean supplies the solution to your mail handling safety and hazardous material containment problems.


  • Designed to maximize lab space
  • Controls are all microprocessor-driven
  • Combination sash to allow for maximum functionality
  • Modular electronics for easy field serviceability
  • Customize construction material to meet application challenge
  • No duct work required
  • Service port access
  • Optional ultraviolet light
  • Optional sturdy mobile cart
  • Optional polypropylene base cabinet
  • Available in 110V or 220V versions

AirClean® Systems robotic safety enclosures are custom designed to meet the application challenge while providing maximum operator accessibility and safety.

* The above companies registered trade names are provided for informational purposes only. Endorsement of these companies’ products by AirClean® Systems or their endorsement of AirClean® Systems is neither given nor implied.


AirClean® Systems has enclosed many leading manufacturer's robotic instruments. Below is a partial listing:

  • Gilson*
  • Hewlett Packard*
  • Teledyne ISCO*
  • Beckman Coulter*
  • Tecan*
  • Hamilton*
  • Caliper*
  • Genevac*
Product # External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
AC23824A 38″ 48″ 24″ 37″ 38″ 21″

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  • AC5400 enclosing the ISCO Sq 16x Open Access Purification System
  • This benchtop enclosure was designed with a fixed upper sash and movable lower horizontal sliding sash.
  • Free-standing enclosures typcially have a split sash with the lower sash being fixed or having horizontal panels.

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