The ACTA32 is ideal for group presentations or lab set up and presentation.

The ACTA32 is ideal for group presentations or lab set up and presentation.

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Demonstration Fume Hood

AirClean® Systems TeachAide™ Ductless Classroom Demonstration Workstations offer a low-cost solution for protection of students, teachers, and the environment during chemistry experiments. The TeachAide™ Demonstration Fume Hood provides exceptional protection from experiments using or generating toxic fumes, vapors, particulate, or smoke.

Teachaide™ Demonstration Fume Hoods have been independently tested to the educational science laboratory curriculum. Each demonstration workstation is factory tested and shipped fully assembled with filters installed.

Standard Safety Features

  • AirSafe™ automatic safety controller displays and constantly adjusts blower speed to maintain set face velocity. In combination with airflow monitoring and gas detection, the AirSafe™ automatic safety controller allows you to breathe easier knowing your safety is constantly being monitored.
  • Filtration and electronics are located above the work area minimizing the chance of chemical spills entering these sensitive areas.
  • The sparkless/brushless motor is post-filter
  • The deep base effectively contains accidental spills
  • Low airflow alarm warns user both visually and audibly
  • Meets relevant OSHA / ANSI regulations and guidelines for fume hood airflow


  • Custom cart available in fixed 34″ height with shelving options. Meets ADA requirements
  • Built-in polypropylene cup sink and drain
  • Electrical cord access ports, water and gas options
  • Fluorescent lighting standard on ACTA48 and optional ACTA32

AirClean® Systems TeachAide™ ductless classroom demonstration workstation is shipped fully assembled.

AirClean® Systems TeachAide™ Ductless Classroom Demonstration Fume Hoods are safe, economical, and provide an excellent hands-on teaching tool for science teachers.

AirClean® Systems recognizes that science experiments are a necessary part of the curriculum and demonstrations play a vital role in the learning experience. Preparation, demonstration, and clean-up are peak exposure times. The TeachAide™ ductless classroom demonstration workstation is the final piece of the puzzle for hands-on science experiments in today's science classroom.


Bonded Carbon (L) and HEPA (R) Filters

Bonded Carbon (L) and HEPA (R) Filters

Filtration is at the heart of a ductless fume hood and AirClean® Systems utilizes a revolutionary bonded carbon filter that provides both effective containment of toxic vapors, gases and fumes while minimizing potential exposure to hazardous carbon dust. Suspended in a predictable matrix, carbon pellets are evenly distributed throughout the filter. This allows for maximum capture, thus yielding a higher load capacity for AirClean® Systems filters compared to traditional pelletized carbon filter.

AirSafe™ Features

AirSafe™ Controller

AirSafe™ Controller

AirSafe™, the ultimate safety device, protects the teacher and students from exposure to hazardous chemical and particulate associated with hands-on science experiments. Features include:

  • Constant airflow monitoring and adjustment to preset velocity
  • Constant monitoring of filter condition
  • Audible and visible alarms

Available Sizes

Product # External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
ACTA32 32″ 25″ 40″ 31″ 23″ 25″
ACTA48 48″ 25″ 40″ 47″ 23″ 25″

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