Powder Weighing

The weighing and manipulation of powder and particulate is a daily practice in scientific laboratories. The powder(s) being weighed vary in size and potency range. Occupational exposure to powders is an issue that must be address and may require engineered ventilation controls to meet occupational exposure limitations. Ventilation controls can be time consuming and costly depending on the age of the laboratory and the original intended design of the air handling equipment (HVAC).

The use of an analytic balance can prove to be challenging if used on an open bench or in a fume hood. The use of a fume hood can cause erratic readings on a balance making it difficult for the laboratory technician to get a precise measurement. Laboratory fume hoods are not intended or designed to be balance enclosures, they are designed and intended to capture chemical fumes and vapors. A balance enclosure is an application solution that should be validated for operation and containment of particulate.

AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ enclosures provide engineered control by delivering HEPA filtered negative pressure air to the source of the occupational exposure. PowderSafe™ is designed to enclose the balance and provide an even laminar airflow that contains airborne particulate during the weighing process and minimizes balance disturbance. PowderSafe™ enclosures have been independently tested and certified for powder containment and balance use, by two different companies.

State-of-the-art controls monitor and adjust airflow providing a stable and turbulence free environment for balance operation. AirSafe™ automatic safety controller monitors the opening of each PowderSafe™ enclosure and maintains the predetermined face velocity for containment. AirSafe™ automatic safety controller also constantly monitors the HEPA filter(s) for clogging making sure that the HEPA filter(s) are changed in a timely manner. AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ balance enclosures give real time accurate filter information instead of using predetermined filter alarms, as seen on other enclosures.

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