Application Solutions

In addition to our ductless fume hood and laminar flow hood products, AirClean® Systems offers a range of application-specific ventilated enclosures. Protect operators from powders, particulate, fumes and vapors with PowderSafe™ balance enclosures. Create an application clean zone for the manipulation and amplification of DNA/RNA with our PCR Workstations. Safely enclose microscopes and robotics, or demonstrate toxic chemical reactions to a classroom full of students. If you don»t see the application solution you»re looking for, contact one of our technical sales specialists to discuss your specific enclosure needs.

  • Balance Enclosure


    Ductless enclosure designed to protect the operator from powders and particulate, chemical fumes and vapors or both.

  • Demonstration Fume Hood


    Ductless classroom demonstration workstations for hands-on scientific experiments in schools, colleges and universities.

  • Robotic Enclosures

    Robotic Enclosure

    Ductless Hoods and Laminar Hoods custom manufactured to enclose various robotic instruments.

  • Evaporator Enclosure

    Evaporator Enclosure

    Provide an effective means of operator protection when using rotary evaporators Ductless and total exhaust versions available.

  • PCR Workstation

    PCR Workstation

    Designed to provide a personal clean zone for manipulation and amplification of DNA/RNA. Multiple models available.

  • Mail Handling Equipment


    Designed to protect the operator from exposure to airborne pathogens during the opening of envelopes and small packages.

  • Microscope Enclosure

    Microscope Enclosure

    Ductless enclosures designed to accommodate major brands of microscopes. Laminar flow and fume hood models available.

  • Portable Filter Box

    Portable Filter Box

    Polypropylene filter boxes allow for traditional exhaust hoods to be converted to ductless hoods, complete with AirSafe™ Controller.

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