Corporate Overview

AirClean® Systems manufactures a complete range of products designed to protect the operator, process or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gases and particulate.

The company was founded in 1992 on the basis that it is possible for a fume hood manufacturer to provide this protection using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing systems, enabling a cost-effective solution for most containment requirements.

Located in Creedmoor, North Carolina, AirClean® System’s custom-designed 100,000 square-foot manufacturing facility offers full electronic and mechanical design capability. As a fume hood manufacturer, AirClean® Systems' extensive CAD-CAM design experience, CNC machining center and full electronics design department allows AirClean® Systems the flexibility necessary to keep pace with today's ever-changing market.

Product Overview & Unique Technology

AirClean® Systems ductless hoods, workstations and enclosures are designed to protect the operator, the process or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gases, and particulate. At the heart of all AirClean® System's chemical hoods, workstations and enclosures is a revolutionary gas phase bonded carbon filter. This unique filter, found only in AirClean® System's safety products, eliminates filter dusting and dead zones associated with traditional granular carbon filters.

Incorporated into each AirClean® System's product is a state of the art microprocessor controller and monitoring system. Critical to any ductless safety product, the monitoring system must be able to alert the operator if the filters fail, there is insufficient airflow, or the filters need replacements. All of the alarms associated with the monitoring system are designed to alert the user immediately if adverse conditions arise. AirClean® Systems AirSafe™ automatic safety controller provides the operator with real time filter monitoring, airflow monitoring and gas detection.

AirClean® Systems products are tested in house to meet or exceed applicable safety standards and regulations. Stringent QA/QC procedures, during all phases of production, guarantee the highest quality and reliability of each ductless hood, workstation and enclosure.

AirClean® Systems, as the largest North American manufacturer of specialty fume hoods, ductless hoods, workstations and enclosures maintain an extensive application database as the result of years of field experience in the containment of toxic chemicals and particulate. Customers who purchase an AirClean® Systems product are not only purchasing rigorously field-tested hoods, workstations and enclosures but also accessing many years of application experience.

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