Free-Standing Clean Room Enclosure

Free-Standing Clean Room Enclosure

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Free-Standing Clean Room Enclosures

AirClean® Systems free-standing, polypropylene vertical laminar flow clean room hoods protect the application from airborne particulate contamination. Designed to bathe the process in HEPA clean air, a polypropylene free-standing hood is ideal for enclosing pipettors, equipment that requires a particle-free environment or creating clean rooms within a large manufacturing facility or warehouse for product sampling.

Free-standing enclosures provide a variety of options, from small drum sampling stations to enclosing complete assembly applications. Contact one of our qualified technical sales specialists to determine which clean room hood best fits your needs.


  • UVTect™ microprocessor controller
  • Solid polypropylene construction for maintaining a clean environment
  • Fluorescent light
  • Easy access for filter change
  • Standard with HEPA filter but may be fitted with ULPA filters


  • Multiple sash or door configurations available
  • Access ports and doors
  • Front or rear filter access
  • Short wave ultraviolet light

NOTE: Free-standing clean room enclosures are considered custom enclosures. This product will not protect the operator from biological hazards.

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