Rotary Evaporator Enclosures

AirClean® Systems specially designed rotary evaporate enclosures are available in ductless and ducted configures to allow for maximum laboratory flexibility. The ductless enclosures are equipped with an AirSafe™ automatic safety controller and bonded carbon filter. Designed in cooperation with one of the worlds leading rotary evaporator manufactures AirClean™ Systems enclosures accommodate a variety of glassware configurations.

Ductless Rotary Evaporator


  • Horizontal sliding access doors for easy operator interaction and maintenance
  • Large integral spill tray
  • Two speed control with AirSafe automatic safety controller monitoring airflow and filter saturation
  • Designed to allow full set up within the enclosure to include a vacuum pump
Total Exhaust Rotary Evaporator Enclosure

Total Exhaust

  • Compact 32 X 24 wide model with access ports for user interaction
  • Standard 4 exhaust connect
  • Polypropylene base with polycarbonate clear side panels, full 360 degree visibility

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