AirMax Total Exhaust Polypropylene Fume Hood

AirMax™ Total Exhaust Polypropylene Fume Hood

AirMax Total Exhaust Polypropylene Fume Hood

AirClean® Systems AirMax™ total exhaust polypropylene fume hoods are manufactured from all-white, structural polypropylene. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance. AirMax™ has a seamless design and allows for NO MORE RUST!

AirClean® Systems AirMax™ total exhaust polypropylene fume hoods are standard bypass design. The standard bypass AirMax™ exhausts a constant volume of air, regardless of sash position.

A microprocessor controller monitors face velocity and displays the real-time airflow on the LCD screen in linear feet per minute.

Safety Features:

  • AirMax™ fume hoods have an advanced airfoil design that is important to the overall safety and performance of the fume hood. The rolled entry design incorporated into each AirMax™ hood prevents reverse flow and eddy currents from escaping the fume hood.
  • AirMax™ exhaust hoods have a double sidewall construction which allows mounting of services and outlets on the posts.
  • Containment of spills and heavy gases are easy with the AirMax™ total exhaust fume hood. A removable work surface exposes a spill basin that may be fitted with a drain for disposal of any spills.
  • The rear baffle extends below the work surface to effectively remove any heavy gases or evaporation from a spill.

AirMax™ Total Exhaust Fume Hood Features

  • Flame-retardant polypropylene seamless interior
  • Vertical sliding safety glass sash
  • Variety of base cabinets available to compliment each AirMax™
  • AirMax™ microprocessor controller
  • Built-in vapor-proof fluorescent light
  • Easy-access utilities panel for operation and maintenance
  • All contact surfaces are constructed of polypropylene - "NO MORE RUST"!
  • Flame-retardant polypropylene interior - higher temperature working range than fiberglass
  • Non-hydroscopic - won’t absorb moisture
  • Large volume spill basin with solid work surface

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AirMax Controller Layout

AirMax™ Controller Layout

Available Sizes

Product # External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Width Height Depth Width Height Depth
AC3030TE 36″ 59″ 30″ 25″ 32″ 21″
AC4030TE 48″ 59″ 30″ 37″ 32″ 21″
AC5030TE 60″ 59″ 30″ 49″ 32″ 21″
AC6030TE 72″ 59″ 30″ 61″ 32″ 21″
AC8030TE 96″ 59″ 30″ 85″ 32″ 21″
ASHRAE110 Tested
  • AirMax AC8030TE w/ optional fixtures

AirMax Polypropylene Fume Hood with Mistline Fume Scrubber

AirMax Polypropylene Fume Hood with Mistline Fume Scrubber

AirClean® Systems’ wet scrubber system is a wet contact scrubber that is suitable for water soluble gases. Each scrubber is constructed from thermoplastics that are resistant to the gases being scrubbed.

Wet Scrubber Features:

  • Direct mounting to fume hood exhaust eliminates contaminated ductwork between the polypropylene fume hood and scrubber
  • Observation window for media inspection
  • Scrubber holding tank with recirculating pump
  • Sized to meet fume hood flow rate
  • Optional polypropylene blowers to match system

Typical Applications:

Generally, scrubbers are used with extraction systems where soluble substances are being evaporated at accelerated rates. Examples of these are listed below:

  • Trace Metal Analysis
  • Hot Acid Etching
  • Acid Digestions for Metal Analysis
  • Precious Metal Purification
  • Fat Testing in Food Industry

Scrubbers can usually be incorporated if any water-soluble acid/alkali is being used.

Partial list of chemicals that AirClean® Systems scrubbers are appropriate for:
HCl Hydrochloric Acid (Hydrogen chloride) NaOCl Sodium Hypochlorite
H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide
HF Hydrofluoric Acid (Hydrogen fluoride) C2H4O2 Acetic Acid
HClO4 Perchloric Acid NH3 Ammonia
NaOH Sodium Hydroxide H3O4P Ortho-phosphoric Acid
KCl Potassium Chloride H3BO3 Ortho-boric Acid
NaCl Sodium Chloride HNO3 Nitric Acid
  Contact an AirClean® Systems technical sales specialist for additional chemicals not listed.  

AirMax™ Polypropylene Fume Hood with Wet Fume Scrubber Features

  • Wet Scrubber
  • Optional spray bar for perchloric acid use
  • Removable access panel for services (water, gas & electric)
  • Scrubber holding tank
  • Standard exhaust hook up
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor-driven controls
  • Vertical sliding safety glass sash with rounded hand foil to eliminate eddy currents
  • Polypropylene base cabinets available in vented and non-vented versions

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