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Polypropylene Total Exhaust Fume Hoods

AirClean® Systems economical single walled polypropylene fume hood is ideal for industrial applications where a ductless hood, workstation or enclosure is not appropriate and a full hood exhaust system is needed. These units are provided with a folding sash and vapor-proof fluorescent light. The single walled design provides maximum work area for a fume hood of this size.

AirZone™ baffling within the total exhaust fume hood allows for a predictable and effective airflow pattern to capture toxic chemical fumes and vapors. The thermally fused seamless design provides a built-in work base that will effectively contain liquids and provide excellent chemical resistance.


  • Polypropylene fume hood means corrosion-resistant construction
  • Single wall design allows for maximum work space
  • Economical solution for many industrial applications
  • Low cost folding sash may be customized for various height requirements
  • Available with single or dual exhaust duct connections.
  • Internal baffling eliminates dead zones and provides for smooth airflow
  • Seamless construction allows for easy cleaning
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent light
  • Optional airflow monitor for constant alphanumeric readout of airflow
  • Polypropylene base cabinets available in vented and non-vented models

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Available Sizes

Product # External Dimensions Internal
Width Height Depth Width Height Depth
AC3000TE 36″ 59″ 36″ 35″ 34″ 32″
AC4000TE 48″ 59″ 36″ 47″ 34″ 32″
AC5000TE 60″ 59″ 36″ 59″ 34″ 32″
AC6000TE 72″ 59″ 36″ 71″ 34″ 32″
  • AC3000TE

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