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"I can tell you that the team was pessimistic with a claim for a portable very mobile hood to be able to filter out the very bad odor and fumes generated from P.M.M.A. Liquid Monomer we handle frequently.

Your design and filter not only eliminated this odor, the design of the frame also allowed for continued mobility.

Providing a safe and clean working environment that monitors air flow and handles fume management is challenging at best. Your team has accomplished this challenge with great effectiveness.

I have a high level of confidence and am completely satisfied that our team and families are protected with a high quality, cost effective system.

Keep up the great work,"

Don Verhoeven
Senior Purchasing Agent
Stryker Interventional Pain

"I am happy to say that the AirClean® ductless hood we purchased in March of 2006 is performing very well. We needed a fume hood to perform occasional organic extractions, and putting in a large, ducted system would have been expensive and impractical. I am very comfortable working in this hood, knowing that if the airflow is interrupted, or if there is a gas breakthrough, an alarm will sound. Actually, neither of these problems has occurred, and I feel my health is well protected by using your system. I do know the alarm system works, since it will go off before the blower gets up to speed. Also, having a portable hood (the AC632A), which can be rolled out of the way when necessary, has been extremely helpful."

Cheryl Craft
Assistant Manager
Cornell-Uihlein Farm & Lab

"With minimal hood space in our labs, AirClean® provided a cost effective and flexible solution and they delivered it in a matter of weeks. With the help of AirClean®, we are able make progress by expanding our chemical handling capabilities and be safe. AirClean® hoods are a great value."

Terri Torke
Project Manager


"At Inorganic Ventures, we're striving to do our part to help keep the environment clean. As part of that effort, we trust AirMax™ fume hoods. These hoods scrub all exhaust and eliminate harmful fumes and air pollutants. We are grateful that AirClean® has created a product that is technically efficient as well as environmentally safe."

Dr. Paul Gaines
Inorganic Ventures


"The portable AC710C has proved to be a reliable performer in day to day use in our compounding pharmacy. It contains powders that we work with daily and keeps my staff safe and keeps the pharmacy contaminant free. It fits on our counter-top and it fit our budget as well. Your company was terrific to work with and made the purchase and delivery seamless. This is a product that I have recommended to other compounding pharmacies."

Frank Dundee
Kids 'n Cures Pharmacy

"I have been using the AirClean® system. The system continues to work well. … The product cleans up well, lighting is good and occasionally we bring a hot plate with stirrer in to perform solutions. I have been encouraging all compounders, especially those with hazardous materials in use to consider some type of powder containment system like yours."

Paul W. Lofholm, PharmD, FACA,FACVP


PCR Workstations & Laminar Flow Hoods

"The AirClean® Systems AC632LFUVC is perfect for classes with labs and student research projects that need a clean environment at our Small University. Thank you for the great product."

Sean T. Coleman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
University of the Ozarks

"We have two AirClean® PCR Workstation (AC632LFUVC) units. The first was purchased almost 3 years ago and the second almost 6 months ago. Both units have proven very helpful in mitigating environmental contamination of sensitive molecular manipulations in a lab with such diverse disciplines as wastewater treatment analysis and quantitative PCR. Furthermore, we are in a building whose HVAC system comes under immense strain in the pollen season and these two hoods have proven invaluable. …

A helpful feature is the UVTect microprocessor that monitors effective HEPA and UV life … useful when the operator has other more pressing matters to attend to! …

Overall, these units have met all user expectations and quality requirements, with the most obvious endorsement being the fact that despite the availability of slightly less expensive alternatives, we chose to purchase a second unit after nearly three years of use of our initial unit."

Stewart Clark
Center for Biofilm Engineering
Montana State University

"I am very satisfied with my system. The only time I had a technical issue it was resolved promptly by your customer support technician."

Neil Brown, Ph.D.
Vinquiry, Inc.

"We now have two of the airclean systems in our research lab, one is used exclusively for RNA work and the other for DNA dilutions and preparation. The AirClean® system works very well for us and as it has a relatively small footprint (the cabinet takes up very little space), it can be easily placed in a laboratory and moved if necessary."

Helen Mason

"I have been working in molecular biology since 1998, both in academic and industry labs. In every lab I worked in where PCR was performed the common factor was the AirClean® PCR hood. I have had a history of working with different AirClean® PCR hoods and the company.
When I was hired to set up a lab for molecular analysis one of the first things I looked for was a PCR hood. When I found that I would have a 6 week wait to get the hood I did investigate other options. I did not feel like there was a comparable product available. … There were new features in the hood I ordered that I really liked. … All in all my experience with AirClean® Systems has been a positive one and I would certainly recommend their product and technical support staff."

Mona Schmidt

"We have been using 2 AirClean® systems for the past 2/3 years without any problems. Replacement filters and UV lightbulbs have been relatively easy to install and any other issues have been quickly resolved by telephone or e-mailing the technical support group."

Dr Allan Hayle
Laboratory Manager
Molecular Haematology Unit
Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine Oxford

"AirClean® has provided our facility with a much needed biohood, without the additional expense and bulk of the traditional hood. We were so pleased with the hood that we use for PCR, that we recommended that our flow cytometry lab purchase one, as well. The machine is fairly quiet, easy-to-clean, and most importantly for a busy clinical lab, takes up little space and is easy to work inside. The machine is virtually maintenance free!"

Kellie A. Diedrick, MBA, MT (ASCP)
Team Leader - Microbiology/Serology/Virology
St. Vincent Hospital Laboratory

"My experience with AirClean® Systems was great, in fact it was superb. An AirClean® Systems sales rep helped me out and pointed out the replacement parts that I needed and recommended a few things to make the airflow on our system cleaner. The parts were shipped fast and the communication between the buyer and the seller was great. … This company has great workers. Superb customer service."

Stephen Castaneda


"…If I were given the choice when a school was being built or renovated to choose the type of chemical fume hood to be used in science laboratories, I would always choose the TeachAide™ Ductless Fume Hood. I may add that I worked with AirClean® Systems to test the TeachAide™ Ductless Fume Hood without any monetary benefits. I had nothing to gain nor lose by the results obtained in my investigations regarding the performance of the TeachAide™ Ductless Fume Hood. My interest was in the safety to students and school personnel regarding operation of the ductless chemical fume hood. …"

Linda M. Stroud, Ph.D., NRCC-CHO, MESH, Adv Safety Certification
Science & Safety Consulting Services, Inc

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