Downdraft Latent Print Dusting Station

Downdraft Latent Print Dusting Station

Eliminate inhalation risk from fingerprint powders



AirClean® Systems' downdraft dusting station creates an ideal solution for particulate containment during latent fingerprint dusting. Multi-directional negative pressure airflow pulls powders into both the base and rear wall of the dusting station, that ultimately captures excess particulate in the HEPA filtration. The dual-zone filtration keeps potentially dangerous powders out of the operator’s breathing zone.

The dusting station was designed to fit perfectly any counter top and underneath typical cabinetry. The low profile, ductless design can be placed anywhere within the law enforcement setting. Each dusting station is light enough to be carried to the crime scene for on-site processing. The DDS series operates at a very low noise level and since it recycles the room air it is extremely inexpensive to operate and maintain.



  • Multi-directional negative pressure airflow pulls powders away from the operator’s breathing zone
  • HEPA filtration for capture of particulate to 0.3 microns in size
  • High velocity rear-wall airflow slots draw lighter weight particulate to the rear of the workstation
  • Removeable perforated stainless steel work surface provides constant downward airflow to trap heavier particulate
  • Low profile design fits on a standard countertop or beneath storage cabinets
  • Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
  • No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
  • No ductwork required
  • Lab event timer
  • Exhaust air is HEPA filtered, keeping any potential particulate from returning to the room
  • Filter and electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas



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