Walk-In Free-Standing Ductless Enclosure

Walk-In Free-Standing Ductless Enclosure

Up to 272 cubic feet of fume, vapor and particulate containment



  • AirSafe automatic safety controller
  • Full and easy access for equipment loading, maintenance and cleaning
  • Thermally fused structural polypropylene construction with polycarbonate viewing panels
  • Large capacity filtration bed for wide variety application challenges



  • Wide range of bonded activated carbon and HEPA filters for containment of virtually any toxic vapor, fume, gas, or particulate
  • Integral vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
  • Large capacity filtration bed to handle a wide variety of applications
  • No ductwork required
  • Structural thermally-fused polypropylene construction for superior chemical resistance and spill containment
  • No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
  • Encloses equipment while retaining full operator access
  • AirSafeā„¢ automatic safety controller
  • Gas phase bonded carbon filtration
  • Lab event timer
  • Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement
  • Brushless, sparkless blower is post-filter
  • Low airflow alarm warns the user both visually and audibly
  • Filter and electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas
  • Electronic gas detection for real-time gas phase filter monitoring



Walk-In Free-Standing Ductless Enclosure Airflow Diagram

Walk-In Free-Standing Ductless Enclosure Airflow

  1. A
    Room air flows away from the operator and enters the enclosure in a horizontal pattern.
  2. B
    Air mixes with gases and particulate.
  3. C
    Contaminated air is directed through the filtration bed.
  4. D
    Clean air is recirculated into the room.



  • Custom access ports for routine equipment maintennce
  • ULPA filter
  • Multiple sash or door configurations available



Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC6000WI72"36", 48", 60"96"
AC8000WI96"36", 48", 60"96"
AC10000WI120"36", 48", 60"96"
Product # Internal
AC6000WI71"28", 40", 52"74"
AC8000WI95"28", 40", 52"74"
AC10000WI119"28", 40", 52"76"

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