CleanShield® Ultrasound Storage Cabinet

CleanShield® Ultrasound Storage Cabinet

Effectively and securely store disinfected endocavity transducers



The CleanShield® Ultrasound Storage Cabinet is designed to effectively and securely store disinfected endocavity transducers and semi-critical devices by suspending each disinfected probes in a vertical position that minimizes stress on the connection cable, strain relief and electrical pack of the probe.

The CleanShield is constructed from white, thermally-fused polypropylene, the storage cabinet is easy to clean with any hard surface disinfectant. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture and will not breakdown or rust when exposed to harsh cleaning solvents making it the ideal construction material for endocavity and general purpose probe storage cabinet.

To ensure a high degree of protection, the cabinet is configured with three separate hanging platforms to securely and effectively hold each probe to eliminate strain on the cables. A contoured cradle, located in the center of the cabinet, securely nests the probe while the other two brackets support and suspend the probes minimizing the potential for damage or touching.

Unique two stage filtration, incorporated in the design of the CleanShield ultrasound probe storage cabinet, remove potential airborne contaminates from entering the cabinet and contacting disinfected ultrasound probes. An electro-statically charged pre-filter is positioned in series to remove gross particulate from entering the blower and HEPA filter. The cabinet blower then pushes positive pressure HEPA filtered clean air into the chamber to bathe the disinfected ultrasound probes. This process minimizes the potential of airborne contaminants entering into the cabinet. The ultrasound probes are allowed to hang vertically inside the Cleanshield ultrasound probe storage cabinet while the probe connector and cable are held in secure positions. Once the endocavity or general purpose probes have been safely placed inside the storage cabinet the door can be closed and locked for added security.

The CleanShield Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet was designed to accommodate up to six endocavity or general purpose ultrasound probes.



  • Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
  • HEPA filtration for capture of particulate to 0.3 microns in size
  • Clear viewing panel in door
  • Locking front door for security
  • Positive pressure HEPA filtered clean air
  • Specially designed hanging shelves
  • Minimizes ultrasound probe contact with airborne contaminants through positive pressure HEPA filtered air



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