Custom Enclosures

AirClean® Systems engineers and chemist have built numerous custom enclosures since 1992. These hoods and enclosures are engineered and designed to provide the highest level of protection for the customer or their application. Customization can range from small modifications to existing models up to completely custom application-specific enclosures. All walk-in enclosures are custom, as dictated by space limitations or application requirements. If you need process or operator protection that cannot be readily provided with an AirClean Systems standard product, we can work with you to develop a custom enclosure that fits your needs.

Custom Enclosures and Workstations

Custom Enclosures and Workstations

To best meet our customer's needs for operator or process protection, AirClean® Systems has designed and built numerous custom enclosures. Customization can range from small modifications of existing models to fully customized application-specific enclosures. If you need process or operato...

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