Silconazyne™ Filtration

Silconazyne™ Filtration


Advanced Micropore Technology allows for greater adsorption capacity to a wider range of chemicals

Silconazyne is a chemically and thermally enhanced filtration technology featuring silica used in conjunction with high capacity activated carbon. The entire structure is layered within a bonded matrix resulting in a dust free filter that can be used in a clean room without an exhaust HEPA filter.

The filtration system incorporates constant Interfilter and exhaust monitoring for the Silconazyne dual gas-phase filters. The Interfilter monitoring port is put in series with the built in Photo-ionization Detector gas analyzer. The PID analyzer takes constant samples from the Interfilter sampling port and exhaust sample port and displays gas levels in parts-per-million. When the reference chemical set point is reached an alarm is initiated to notify the user.

Silconazyne filters can be used with 99% of all chemicals found in our integral chemical reference database. The unique use of specially treated silica enables capture of many gases which are problematic for vegetable or other types of carbon.

AirClean Systems ductless laboratory hoods, workstations, and enclosures meet and exceed relevant OSHA and ANSI Z9.5 standards.

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