About AirClean® Systems

Our Mission

At AirClean® Systems, our goal is to continually offer the safest, most reliable and trusted hoods, enclosures and cabinets in the industry. For anyone who works with hazardous chemicals, we strive to create a safe and clean environment that protects the operator, the process and the environment. We do this by providing organizations across a wide range of industries with products to preserve a toxin-free environment.

Company History

1992 AirClean® Systems was founded

1995 Introduced microprocessor controls into ductless hoods

1997 Made all ductless hoods standard with airflow sensor and gas detection

2000 First North American Ductless manufacturer to incorporate CNC machining into the manufacturing process

2002 Introduced first sliding safety glass ductless hood

2003 Upgraded to a 32,000 sq. ft. plant

2004 Expanded product line to include polypro exhaust hoods with wet scrubber systems

2005 Introduced UVTect controller for process protection products

2006 Introduced PowderSafe family of balance enclosures

2008 Developed full line of ultrasound and endoscope storage cabinets

2013 Grew into a new 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Creedmoor, NC

2016 Opened our second U.S. manufacturing plant

1993 AirClean® Systems contributes to the ANSI/AAMI ST58 standard

1996 Introduced the only bonded carbon filter into the laboratory fume hood market

1999 Received large national order for DrySafe Evidence Drying Cabinet

2001 Opened a new manufacturing facility in Australia

2002 Developed CyanoSafe for law enforcement market

2004 AirClean® becomes executive member of SEFA

2004 AirClean® becomes founding member of the SEFA Ductless Recommended Practice committee

2005 MET/CSA/CE self labeling approvals

2008 Expanded production facility to 48,000 sq. ft.

2009 Released the first ductless hood with a built-in PID gas analyzer

2014 Opened a new office in Shanghai, China

Providing a Safe, Clean and Eco-Friendly Environment for All

Our custom-designed 100,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Creedmoor, NC offers full electronic and mechanical design capability. The extensive CAD-CAM design experience of our staff, CNC machining center and full electronics design department gives us the flexibility necessary to keep pace with today's ever-changing market.

Every product is tested in house to meet or exceed applicable safety standards and regulations. Stringent QA/QC procedures, during all phases of production, guarantee the highest quality and reliability of each ductless hood, workstation and enclosure.

Customers who purchase an AirClean® Systems product are not only purchasing rigorously field-tested hoods, workstations and enclosures but also accessing many years of application experience. Our experience in the containment of toxic chemicals and particulate has helped us to maintain an extensive application database for which ductless systems can provide a practical and safe working environment. Our team is here to help you find the perfect system for your application and laboratory needs.


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