What Makes Our Products Superior?

AirClean® Systems products incorporate state-of-the-art microprocessor-based controllers and monitoring systems. Critical to any ductless safety product, the monitoring system must be able to alert the operator if the filtration fails, if there is insufficient airflow or if filter replacement is necessary. All alarms associated with the monitoring system are designed to alert the user immediately if adverse conditions arise.

AirSafe™ Automatic Safety Controller


The AirSafe automatic safety controller provides a simple-to-use interface combined with powerful airflow control, filtration monitoring and gas detection capabilities.

AirMax™ Controller


The AirMax microprocessor controller electronically monitors and displays the instantaneous face velocity of AirMax total exhaust fume hoods.

UVTect™ Controller


The UVTect microprocessor controller provides user-friendly, control features and constant monitoring of the HEPA filter to ensure proper airflow.

AirSafe™ Cyano

AirSafe Cyano

Full automation of the fuming process is managed by the AirSafe Cyano microprocessor safety controller resulting in quality and constant latent print development.

AirSafe™ NXT

AirSafe NXT

The AirSafe NXT automatic safety controller provides touchscreen access to all critical operation and monitoring functions of the ENDEAVOUR ductless fume hood.

AirSafe™ TOUCH


AirSafe TOUCH automatic safety controller allows for one-touch control of all critical INDEPENDENCE functions and safety features.

Wet Contact Scrubber

Mistline Fume Scrubber

AirClean® Systems' wet scrubber system is a wet contact scrubber that is suitable for water soluble gases.



Silconazyne is a chemically and thermally enhanced filtration technology featuring silica in conjunction with high capacity activated carbon.

Gas Phase Bonded Carbon Filtration

Bonded Carbon Gas Phase Filtration

Gas phase bonded carbon and multi-layered filters are manufactured using coconut shell carbon or chemically impregnated carbon.

HEPA filter

Mechanical Filtration

HEPA and ULPA Mechanical filtration powers AirClean® Systems' clean benches and balance enclosures.

HEPASafe Filtration Technology

HEPASafe Filtration Technology

Safely and easily change contaminated filters under negative pressure.


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