PowderSafe™ Type A Enclosure

PowderSafe™ Type A Enclosure PowderSafe™ Type A Enclosure PowderSafe™ Type A Enclosure PowderSafe™ Type A Enclosure
PowderSafe Type A

The compact, mobile solution for powder containment

Featuring the AirSafe® Automatic Safety Controller

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PowderSafe Type A enclosures provide a safe and effective weighing environment for toxic compounds and/or liquid chemicals. Engineered specifically for balances, PowderSafe Type A enclosures protect the operator by capturing particulate in HEPA filtration without sacrificing balance stability. These compact, ductless enclosures are factory leak tested, certified and shipped fully assembled for simple installation on any countertop.

AirSafe automatic safety controller
No ductwork required
No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
Clear polycarbonate shell for 360° visibility
Extremely quiet operation < 49dBA
Available in standard height or tall version
Constant monitoring of fume hood face velocity with variable airflow control to user preset value
Tested with 3- and 4-place balances
SafeChange™ technology for pre-filter changeout
Lab event timer
Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement
Shipped fully assembled
Tested to UL 61010-1,CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1, and EN 61326-1
Brushless, sparkless blower is post-filter
Deep base effectively contains accidental spills
Filter and electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas
Low airflow alarm warns the user both visually and audibly
Real time monitoring of installed filtration bed
Sturdy cart/trolley with locking casters for mobility
Fluorescent lighting optional on all 32" width workstations; standard on 48" workstations
ULPA filter
Carbon filtration for liquid chemicals
Contrasting base color
Waste port for weighing vessels
Gas phase bonded carbon filtration
Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC705 24" 24" 30"
AC710C 32" 24" 30"
AC710CT 32" 24" 40"
AC710CTS 32" 25" 40"
AC720C 48" 24" 30"
AC720CT 48" 24" 41"
AC720CTS 48" 25" 42"
Product # Internal
AC705 23" 23" 19"
AC710C 31" 23" 19"
AC710CT 31" 23" 26"
AC710CTS 31" 23" 29"
AC720C 47" 23" 19"
AC720CT 47" 23" 26"
AC720CTS 47" 23" 29"

How it Works

  • A

    Turbulence-free laminar flow room air enters enclosure.

  • B

    Air moves evenly through the workstation while the HEPA filter captures any harmful particulate.

  • C

    Clean air is exhausted after passing through pre-filtration and HEPA filtration.

Air Flow Diagram

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