HEPASafe™ Filtration Technology

HEPASafe™ Filtration Technology


Safely and easily change contaminated filters under negative pressure

HEPASafe Filtration Technology incorporates multi-stage filtration, for both toxic powders and chemical vapors, while increasing safety during routine filter change out and enclosure maintenance.

AirClean® Systems PowderSafe Type B, Type C and Bulk Handling Enclosures are designed with HEPASafe Filtration Technology


All PowderSafe enclosures that incorporate HEPASafe Filtration Technology, manage contaminants with rear wall pre-filter and HEPA filtration. This unique design pulls potentially harmful particulate away from the operator’s breathing zone in an even horizontal airflow path, increasing particulate and vapor capture.


The advantage of HEPASafe is that it isolates the pre-filter and main HEPA filter during filter change out. The PowderSafe enclosure continues to operate and provide containment during main pre-filter and HEPA filter replacement.

PowderSafe Type C Cut Away

Four Stage Filtration

HEPASafe filtration technology offers four stages of filtration. The rear wall of each PowderSafe enclosure has two types of particulate filtration.


Stage One

The first layer is a MERV 8 pre-filter. This filter functions as a gross contaminant filter and removes large micron particles from the airstream.


Stage Two

The HEPA filter, which is secured independently behind the prefilter, is rated at 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns. This acts as the second stage of filtration and is located in the rear wall of the enclosure.

Stage Three

The third stage of the HEPASafe filtration technology is a redundant HEPA filter, which is located in the secondary filter housing. The redundant HEPA filter is critical when the primary HEPA filter is being replaced. In this design, the enclosure continues to operate, providing negative pressure, during main HEPA filter replacement. Any particulate that may be freed during this maintenance process, will be captured by the redundant HEPA filter.


Stage Four

An optional fourth filtration layer of bonded carbon filters will adsorb chemical fumes and vapors, when installed. The bonded carbon filter can be layered in different ways to target a variety of chemical families. The bonded carbon layer is secured independently of the redundant HEPA filter, which is sealed and leak tested to ensure particulate capture.


HEPASafe filtration technology incorporates discreet sampling ports for particulate challenge testing and validation. The sampling ports give certification technicians the ability to hook up their verification equipment directly to the enclosure and test between the HEPA filters.

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