Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical Filtration

HEPA, ULPA and Pre-filtration create critical environments

AirClean® Systems ductless hoods, workstations and enclosures provide either operator safety or sample protection from airborne particulate and contamination. The products are designed to incorporate different types of mechanical filtration depending on the application challenge. The first mechanical filtration media is the particulate pre-filter followed by either a HEPA or ULPA filter to capture the fine particulate or potential biological material.

Particulate Pre-filters

The particulate pre-filter is an electrostatically charged fiber filter which effectively removes submicron particulates. It is designed to protect the adsorption filter from contaminants such as smoke, acid mists, and other submicron particulates. All units are initially supplied with a pre-filter.

ULPA Filters

Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) Filters are available in various configurations for the containment of particles. This filter has a 99.999% efficiency rating for collecting 0.12 microns.

HEPA Filters

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters are available in various configurations for the containment of particles. The filter has a 99.997% efficiency rating for collecting 0.3 micron particles.


Each ductless hood, workstation or enclosure, that uses mechanical filtration, has an electronic method of monitoring the efficiency of the installed filtration media. The controller package, either AirSafe™ or UVTect™, incorporates an electronic pressure sensor that constantly monitors the filter plenum pressure. If adverse conditions arise, the end user will be alerted by an audible and visible alarm. These alarms indicate either the reduction of face velocity to a level that will not provide containment or that an ISO 5 condition is not being maintained. AirClean Systems laminar flow and ductless hoods are engineered to remove the guess work and allow the smart technology to ensure operator or sample protection from airborne contaminates.

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