DuraMax™ HEPA-Filtered Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Hood

DuraMax™ HEPA-Filtered Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Hood DuraMax™ HEPA-Filtered Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Hood

Application solution for trace metal analysis and heavy acid usage

Featuring the AirMax® Automatic Safety Controller

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Application Worksheet

The DuraMax vertical laminar flow fume hood is constructed from rugged polypropylene, offering superior compatibility for applications involving strong acids or trace metal analysis. By combining HEPA-filtered incoming air with a traditional ‘total exhaust’ hood configuration, clean turbulence-free air blankets the work surface while users are protected from chemicals manipulated within the hood. The DuraMax hood meets NSF/ANSI standards for personnel, application and environmental protection.

Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
ISO 5 vertical laminar flow air
Lab event timer
HEPA filtration for capture of particulate to 0.3 microns in size
Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement
Filter and electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas
Real time monitoring of installed filtration bed
Duplex electrical outlets
ULPA filter
Polypropylene base cabinet
Polypropylene laboratory sinks
Wall mounted fixtures and taps
Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC4030TELF 48" 32" 60"
AC6030TELF 72" 32" 60"
AC8030TELF 96" 32" 60"
Product # Internal
AC4030TELF 38" 24" 34"
AC6030TELF 62" 24" 34"
AC8030TELF 86" 24" 34"

How it Works

  • A

    Room air enters.

  • B

    Air then moves downward through the HEPA filter and into the chamber.

  • C

    Air is collected from chamber.

  • D

    Chamber air is exhausted to the atmosphere

Air Flow Diagram

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