Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hood - Folding Sash

Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hood - Folding Sash Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hood - Folding Sash Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hood - Folding Sash Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hood - Folding Sash
Ductless Fume Hood with Folding Sash

A ductless solution for most common applications

Featuring the AirSafe® Automatic Safety Controller

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Polypropylene ductless fume hoods protect both the operator and the environment by filtering toxic fumes, vapors, or gases through AirClean® Systems’ proprietary bonded carbon filtration. Standard with a thermally-fused integral spill tray, polypropylene ductless fume hoods are chemically resistant to virtually all corrosive applications.

For the widest application range possible, each polypropylene hood is designed to accommodate up to seven inches of filtration. By stacking a HEPA filter followed by a bonded carbon filter, the operator can effectively filter both toxic particulate and chemical fumes. For high evaporation or multi-chemical applications, a full seven-inch stack of chemical filtration may be recommended.

AirSafe automatic safety controller
Integral base with deep spill lip
No ductwork required
No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
Wide range of bonded activated carbon and HEPA filters for containment of virtually any toxic vapor, fume, gas, or particulate
AirZone baffling establishes a proper horizontal airflow pattern and directs toxins away from the operator in a predictable pattern, eliminating "dead spots" within the hood
Integral vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
Large capacity filtration bed to handle a wide variety of applications
Lab event timer
Gas phase bonded carbon filtration
Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement
AirZone baffling to prevent fume hood roll and provide superior containment of gases and vapors
Electronic gas detection for real-time gas phase filter monitoring
Tested to UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1
Brushless, sparkless blower is post-filter
Deep base effectively contains accidental spills
Filter and electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas
Low airflow alarm warns the user both visually and audibly
Real time monitoring of installed filtration bed
Deck-mounted fixtures
Access port for electrical cords
Vented and unvented polypropylene base cabinets
Sturdy stand with leveling feet
ULPA filter
Custom access ports for routine equipment maintenance
Polypropylene laboratory sinks
Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC3000 36" 30" 54"
AC3036 36" 36" 54"
AC4000 48" 30" 54"
AC4036 48" 36" 54"
AC5000 60" 30" 54"
AC5036 60" 36" 54"
AC6000 72" 30" 54"
AC6036 72" 36" 54"
Product # Internal
AC3000 35" 26" 35"
AC3036 35" 32" 35"
AC4000 47" 26" 35"
AC4036 47" 32" 35"
AC5000 59" 26" 35"
AC5036 59" 32" 35"
AC6000 71" 26" 35"
AC6036 71" 32" 35"

How it Works

  • A

    Room air flows away from the operator and enters the enclosure in a horizontal pattern.

  • B

    Room air mixes with both lighter and heavier gases.

  • C

    Mixed air is drawn into the AirZone™ baffling.

  • D

    Contaminated air is directed through the filtration bed.

  • E

    Clean air is recirculated into the room.

Air Flow Diagram

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