AirSafe™ Automatic Safety Controller

AirSafe™ Automatic Safety Controller

AirSafe™ provides superior airflow control and monitoring with integrated solid state electronic gas detection

AirSafe™ provides a simple-to-use interface combined with powerful airflow control, filtration monitoring and gas detection capabilities. A proprietary sensor is used to accurately monitor and display face velocity on the LCD display. Blowers can be controlled manually or in 'automatic' mode, where AirSafe™ automatically controls blower speed in order to maintain a user-set face velocity. A solid-state hydrocarbon gas detector is linked to the controller for monitoring filtration breakthrough. Audible and visible alarms alert the user in the event of low airflow or required filter replacement.


  • Airflow Monitoring - constantly monitors airflow and displays the actual instantaneous face velocity on an alphanumeric display. The controller uses a special sensor developed by AirClean® Systems which, unlike traditional anemometers, poses no safety threat to the operator.
  • Automatic/Manual Setting - In automatic mode the unit is set to maintain a constant face velocity. In manual mode the face velocity is controlled by the operator.
  • Airflow Alarm - A low airflow alarm may be set and displayed. An audible and visible alarm alerts the user if there is insufficient airflow.
  • Gas Detection/Filter Monitor - A solid state electronic gas detector warns the user of filter breakthrough.
  • Timer - A digital countdown lab event timer may be preset by the operator and used to time general lab functions.
  • Chemical Pump - An optional chemical transfer pump may be directly controlled by pressing the quick key button.
  • AUX Control - Any 110V 10 amp or 220V 5 amp device may be connected and powered on and off via the safety controller. This is particularly useful for switched outlets or transfer devices (requires configuration at purchase).

Quick Key operation is designed to easily activate and control routine functions.

Power Key

BLOWER: Turns remote blower on/off if activated.

Pump Activation Key
PUMP: Activates and deactivates pump and pump timer if included.

Light Power Key
LIGHT: Turns light on or off.

Timer Key
TIMER: Displays elapsed time and alarms at cycle end.

Auxillary Key
AUXILIARY: Activates optional features as described above.


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