AirSafe™ Cyano Microprocessor Safety Controller

AirSafe™ Cyano Microprocessor Safety Controller

AirSafe™ Cyano creates the ideal latent print development environment for cyanoacrylate finger print development

CyanoSafe Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers come standard with the AirSafe Cyano controller, adding many powerful features to the fuming cabinet. By fully automating the fuming process, the AirSafe Cyano helps deliver quality, consistent latent print development. The law enforcement professional is required only to enter the desired development time and then AirSafe Cyano automatically elevates RH to 80% and activates the development accelerator to evaporate the cyanoacrylate quickly.


  • Timing of evidence processing cycle
  • Monitoring of main Carbon filter life
  • Controls humidity levels
  • Automatic "lockout" feature protects the operator during the fuming process
  • Self diagnostic ensures safe operation
  • One-touch control of all chamber features

Quick Key operation is designed to easily activate and control routine functions.

Process Key

PROCESS: Allows for user-defined development time of process.

Purge Key

PURGE: Evacuates chamber prior to opening the door to prevent exposure to cyanoacrylate fumes

Light Power Key

LIGHT: Turns light on or off.

Timer Key

TIMER: Displays elapsed time and alarms at cycle end.

Stop Key

E-STOP: Suspends the development process. Unlocks the door and activates the exhaust blower to evacuate the chamber for immediate entry into the cabinet.


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