AirSafe™ TOUCH Automatic Safety Controller

AirSafe™ TOUCH Automatic Safety Controller Face Velocity Screen AirSafe™ TOUCH Automatic Safety Controller Face Admin Screen

Multiple user definable profiles with administrative controls for added safety and security.

Exclusive to Independence ductless fume hood is the AirSafe TOUCH. It has been designed by AirClean® Systems engineers to be exclusively used on ductless fume hoods. AirSafe TOUCH is the first color touch screen controller on a laboratory fume hood. Independence AirSafe TOUCH allows approved operators to set, monitor and control all operational and safety features.

The energy user meter is standard within AirSafe™ TOUCH and provides the operator and laboratory manager with the hood's total operating hours and electrical consumption.

Alarms and alerts are displayed on the touch screen controller in addition to an audible alarm, notifying the user in the event of an adverse condition. The filter life meter provides visual indication of current filter status.


  • Constant airflow monitoring
  • Chemical compatibility database
  • Audible and visible airflow
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring

AirClean® Systems ductless laboratory hoods, workstations, and enclosures meet and exceed relevant OSHA and ANSI Z9.5 standards.


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