UVTect™ Automatic Safety Controller

UVTect™ Automatic Safety Controller

AirClean® Systems laminar flow hoods are monitored with UVTect to ensure the critical ISO 5 environment is maintained.

AirClean® Systems UVTect microprocessor controller, standard on all laminar flow hoods, workstations, and enclosures, provides user-friendly monitoring and control features. The UVTect controller constantly monitors the HEPA filter to ensure proper airflow. Proper airflow is critical in maintaining a clean working environment. If the workstation is equipped with an ultraviolet energy source, the UVTect controller monitors the effectiveness of the bulb and alerts the operator when replacement is necessary.


  • Airflow Monitoring - constantly monitors the pressure drop across the HEPA or ULPA filter to ensure compliance to the correct clean bench standard.
  • Automatic/Manual Setting - In automatic mode the unit is set to maintain a constant face velocity. In manual mode the face velocity is controlled by the operator.
  • Airflow Alarm - A low airflow alarm may be set and displayed. An audible and visible alarm alerts the user if there is insufficient airflow.
  • Gas Detection/Filter Monitor - A solid state electronic gas detector warns the user of filter breakthrough.
  • Timer - A digital countdown lab event timer may be preset by the operator and used to time general lab functions.
  • UV Light - The UV Light may be directly controlled by pressing the quick key button.
  • AUX Control - Any 110V 10 amp or 220V 5 amp device may be connected and powered on and off via the safety controller. This is particularly useful for switched outlets or transfer devices (requires configuration at purchase).

Quick Key operation is designed to easily activate and control routine functions.

Power Key
BLOWER: Turns blower on/off if activated.

UV Light Power Key
UV LIGHT: Activates and deactivates UV Light.

Light Power Key
LIGHT: Turns light on or off.

Timer Key
TIMER: Displays elapsed time and alarms at cycle end.

Auxillary Key
AUXILIARY: Activates optional features as described above.

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